How To Grow Your Business Through Free Publicity

People are consuming news like never before, and while the number of ways you can reach your audience is at an all-time high, captivating them and holding their attention has become more difficult due to COVID saturation.

Rowland’s experienced marketers will share their top insights and tips for helping businesses cut-through the current COVID noise to stay top-of-mind at the other side by simply knowing what makes news, talking about what matters to your clients and customers, and mapping manageable communication and marketing activities to see you through the new world order of doing business. If your business has a story to tell, now is the time to tell it.

About Melissa Lemberg, Specialist Advisor – Brand, Rowland

Melissa is a well-travelled and highly experienced marketing and communication consultant. Over the past 12 years she has held roles in respected agencies in Brisbane, Canada, the United Kingdom and the Sunshine Coast.

As a leader in the Integrated Marketing and Communication team, Melissa oversees a range of projects across a mix of disciplines including branding and positioning, market research, communication audits, digital, multimedia, media relations and advertising.

Melissa’s keen eye for detail and personable approach help forge strong relationships with clients, becoming a reliable, extended member of in-house marketing and communication teams. Melissa is an expert at developing and implementing communication strategies that align with clients’ business and communication objectives.

About Marcellina Powell, Manager Integrated Marketing Communication, Rowland

Marcellina Powell has more than 13 years’ experience both agency and client-side in branding, marketing, PR, social media and digital campaigns.

She brings creativity and a strong media relations and marketing background to every project having led complex strategies and campaigns across a number of industries. Marci is a trusted advisor to clients, bringing new ideas and strategic thinking to the table based on clients’ business drivers.

Because of her deep expertise and project-management skills, Marci is often involved in cross-disciplinary projects for clients in the areas of education, health, technology, finance, professional services, transport, infrastructure, tourism and leisure, FMCG and not for profit.



10:00 am • 60mins

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