How to Maximise Profit and Increase the Value of your Business

In this session, Grant Field will take you through how to use this business growth and profits solutions (GPS) diagnostic tool which will help you identify where you should best focus your attention to achieve the greatest improvements in your business.

If you are serious about growing your business, take the time to complete this tool to uncover your top 3 business growth and profit opportunities.  This tool will help you identify the top opportunities to grow profits in your business, prioritise where to focus your attention in your business and help you achieve a starting point for a strategic discussion.

This is a short, 25 question diagnostic which provides a gap analysis on the areas the business needs to focus. This forms a start of their engagement to assess (1) how committed they are to the process, and (2) as a starting point for them to identify that they have issues that need to be addressed.

About Grant Field, Director, MGI SQ

As a small business mentor and consultant Grant works with aspirational business owners who want to develop their potential and accelerate their business growth. Grant specialises in helping high-growth businesses to accelerate growth and find solutions to the unique challenges they face. He has worked with more than 100 businesses to help them understand how to significantly improve their financial performance.

As an experienced business owner, Grant has an in-depth understanding of the broader challenges facing growing businesses. He advises on an extensive range of matters including how to create sustainable growth, better manage cash flow and maximise the value of your business. He currently delivers government-funded and tailored programs to help high-growth businesses.

Grant works with clients during their entire business journey to help them build and protect their wealth, minimise tax and ultimately exit their business either through sale or succession to future generations.Grant delivers government funded growth accelerator programs and is a small business mentor to Brisbane and Gold Coast businesses. He is also a judge and mentor for the Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur Awards.

Grant also holds ‘Mindshop Expert’ accreditation from Mindshop as an experienced business advisor. Grant is a chartered accountant with more than 30 years’ experience. Prior to this, he spent a decade working within the banking and finance industry and has maintained a number of these connections.

8:00 am • 60mins

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