Wellness Wednesday: Demystifying Mental Health Conversations

A workshop on demystifying mental health conversations led by Dr Kylie Henderson, Founder and Managing Director of The Better Health Generation and David Shillington, Managing Director, Head Trainer.

About David Shillington, Managing Director, Head Trainer

David has been a leader in the mental health and well-being space since retiring as a professional athlete. As a former athlete, it was natural that he spent a lot of time working on his physical fitness, but it was when he invested in his mental health to improve his mental fitness, that he really thrived on and off the field.

He takes a practical, relatable and light-hearted approach to mental health conversations and education, hoping to help re-frame mental health as a skill-set for individuals and organisations rather than a taboo topic. He has conducted over 200 well-being education sessions, connecting and engaging with ‘even the hard-to-reach’ .

His education sessions and mental skills training programs help people and organisations not only avoid the pit-falls of poor mental health but to really thrive and in-turn, gain a competitive advantage and have a bit of fun at the same time.

12:00 pm • 60mins

Presented By

The Better Health Generation





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